About Me

My name is Christos Watson and I am portrait, lifestyle, fashion photographer based in Orange County, Los Angeles & San Diego, CA. Aside from photography I am a content creator too. I work along side a team to help build brands and social media content for marketing. I believe in team work because if one mind can create a concept image what an entire team can bring to life. More minds are better than one and its fun to create a project in a group setting. Who said business meetings can't be fun!


There are so many wonderful photographers out there, but what separates Stos Photography from others is that the attention to detail, rich colors, bright smiles, and personality! I try to capture every emotion with each subject/client. I am extremely versatile with the types of photography I practice. I love photographing families, children, young adults, aspiring artists, and more! I would have to say I specialize in portraits, family, product/food photography. 
I started my journey in photography in high school when I was 14. I was on the

yearbook committee as one of the lead photographers and went onto becoming Editor of the yearbook by my senior year. I enjoy telling stories and expressing true emotion through my work. After high school, my mom moved to Greece and after visiting her in 2010 I decided to take a trip to visit an artist friend of mine in Berlin, Germany. The art world there was so amazing that it truly is one of most amazing experiences of my life as of yet. I had the opportunity to visit one of the art universities there to observe hundreds of talented artists work. After meeting with a photographer that specialized in Boudoir, I had a very intimate conversation with him about how he started and where he was at the time. Just being there and in that experience changed my perspective that I could make my dreams and passions my job. 

In May of 2018, I decided to take a leap of faith and take my photography from part-time to full-time. I quit my government job of ten years at Social Services and am now running my own business doing what I love most. I learned so much working at Social Services that I can now take my experience in both industries and combine them into my business. 

2018 was full of change and growth. I developed a "style or brand" for Stos Photography. I now collaborate with a Non-Profit, EveryBody Deserves Love, that promotes self-love, body positivity network filled with some amazing people and a huge following on social media. Having an outlet to help others and do what I love is probably the most amazing accomplishment I could have asked for up to this point. 

Focusing in digital photography I primarily shoot with Canon products and lenses to fit any clients recommendations. Clients may purchase prints directly through me using WHCC of highest quality printed products. Retouching and color edits are made using the latest Adobe Software. 


If you are looking for a nice guy with a creative eye to capture your next session/project then click onto my "CONTACT" page (above). Let’s capture memories together!!

My packages are tailored to fit my clients needs but if one of the packages doesn’t fit, lets build one that does. 

Have any questions? Ask away, I look forward to hearing from you! 


Why should you hire me? 

Well, I can’t tell you who is the better photographer but I can promise a fun & energetic session with me. I love to get to know all of my clients so that I know who I am capturing. Are you someone who likes to think outside the box? Lets tailor a photoshoot of your dreams and make them come true because why NOT? I am honest, trustworthy, outgoing, and a nice guy that love what he does for a living. I get to have fun doing what I love and nothing else brings me more joy than that, and a happy client! 

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